Metis Bursaries

An essential tool for bursary management, safeguarding bursary funds and ensuring the right children have access.

End to end, secure, data collection.

Metis Bursaries offers an end-to-end solution for managing your bursary applications and decision making. Our Bursaries solution offers you a white label, secure, cloud based platform that comprehensively collects the information you need in order to offer bursaries or scholarships for your school. Supporting efficient data collection, improving processes and supporting your charitable status governance.

School Branding

Your own branded portal

Offers a secure online, branded portal to allow parents to complete applications in their own time.

  • Give parents a great user experience
  • Presented with school logo and colour schemes
Data Collection

Collect all the data you need

Manage new bursary applications, including collecting all of the relevant parent and pupil data.

  • Effective data collection
  • Parent and pupil data
Managing Applications

New and renewal applications

Allows schools to process renewal applications for existing bursaries and manage any changes in circumstances.

  • Manage new applications
  • Renew and update existing details
The Important Information

Finite detail data collection

The platform collects financial information, from parents occupation status and itemised household expenditure, to debt servicing, through to capital assets. Flexibility to register and include multiple dependencies.

  • Collect all the data you need
  • Simplify decision making
Record Keeping

Manage communications and archives

Automated email trails between key decision makers, to ensure timely communication, request documents or inform parents of decisions. Also integrates with your existing archive.

  • Improve communications and archiving
  • Track communications across stakeholders


Security is fundamental for the sensitive data collected during the bursaries application process, which is why we have an in house data protection officer, monthly training on data protection for staff each month, our platform is pen tested and all data is encrypted. You can ask us to read our comprehensive documentation that covers all aspects of data security.

Full bursary management

In conjunction with Bursaries Administration Limited (BAL) we can assist you with a fully outsourced bursaries service. Managing the whole process from the collection of financial data and supporting documents, through financial and status checks, reviews and interviews to your own final application scoring. This can all be achieved using your own secure, branded portal and supported with in-person checks, by experienced personnel.

Key Functionality

Integrates with your Metis bursaries platform

Automatically sends job numbers to appropriate geographical teams in the BAL team.

Allows BAL to carry out reports and upload them directly to your portal, along with any supporting documentation.

Offers clear concise decision making and guidance.