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Our Service and Support Guarantee

We take the service and support of our products very seriously. Each of our specialist training and product managers have worked in the independent schools sector. They are able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the deployment of your software and will be available to guide you and consult on key decisions throughout your time with us.

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What our customers say

Something about image through quality products.


Charlie Bostock
Registrar, Uppingham School

"I couldn’t really offer a stronger endorsement...."

"We’ve appreciated the nuance and thoughtfulness of a product developed by admissions staff for admissions staff, and one that offers the breadth of functionality that we’ve been looking for."


Susan Hogan
Director of Admissions, Canford School

"nobody else could even come close to matching the level of support..."

"I had to obviously evaluate a number of other options, including our own main school database but it became very apparent that nobody else could even come close to matching the level of support that they (ITQ Metis) could provide."