Metis Admissions Platform

Welcome to the new Metis Admissions Platform, combining key knowledge of the independent schools sector with your fundamental data to drive pupil recruitment and empower your strategic marketing decisions.

Metis Parent Portal

Our Parent Portal module is a white label, online enquiries and registration platform. It is designed so that you can offer all new prospective parents an impressive dashboard to securely enter pupil information via desktop, laptop or mobile.

Metis Parent Portal is the modern way of collecting important pupil information, moving you from paper to digital by seamlessly integrating with the Metis Database.

What Does it Do?


Manage Key Processes in One Place

Enquiries, bookings, payments, acceptances, events and more, all managed in a single platform.

  • Supports multiple payment platforms
  • Open days, individual visits and school events
  • Manage offers and acceptances
Branded Data Platform

Branded Portal for Key Enquiry Data

Management of online enquiries via your own bespoke, personalised online platform. Collect all the essential data to manage enquiries effectively.

  • Put the school’s best foot forward
  • Collects key enquiry data
Effective Data

Improve Segmentation, Workflows and Reporting

Effective data collection to improve internal segmentation and workflows as well as reporting on admissions progress. Giving you a better overview on recruitment and marketing.

  • Improve internal segmentation
  • Reporting to make decisions by
  • Understand recruitment and marketing success
Simple and Intuitive

Make the Enquiries Process Simple for Parents

Makes it easy for parents to complete the forms they need online from any computer or mobile device.

  • Easy to use data capture form
  • Complete and continue across devices

Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Integrates with existing in house systems, databases, document management or electronic folders as well as your existing process student record system.

  • Integrates with existing systems and databases
  • Integrates with existing process student record system

Metis Database

The Metis Database is version 2.0 of our previous RSAdmissions database. The original CRM for independent school admissions and marketing which has been supporting independent schools for over 20 years. The Metis Database has been upgraded to a cloud-based platform, with additional features designed to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and reporting and better enable and enhance the admissions user experience.

What Does it Do?

Leading Data Collection

A Data Lead Pupil Journey

Data driven system, linking every point of the admissions journey to provide one clear visual of each prospective pupil and all the data easily accessible in one place. Including built in data validation to support advanced reporting.

  • Future Proofing data collection
  • Link every point of the admissions process
  • Built in data validation
Pupil Management

Full Pupil Management in One Place

Full profile management including pupil ranking, test results, interview notes etc, parent enquiries, SEN, allergies, dietary requirements and more.

  • Detailed Pupil Profiling
  • Keep track of enquiries and communications in one place
  • Track from enquiry through pupil school life
Recruitment Performance

Feeder School and Agent Management

Covers indicators of both Feeder Schools and Agents as well as managing the data, including contacts, references, document management and performance.

  • Agent management and performance
  • Feeder School management and performance
Document Management

Manage Documents and Integrate with Existing Archives

In-built document management with integration with Sharepoint or Google folders. Includes branded templates for individual or bulk mail outs, including response email management.

  • In-built document management
  • Complete and continue across devices
Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarship Management

Scholarship management and branded outgoing mail templates for bulk offers.

  • Manage Scholarship offers
  • Templates for bulk offers
Exams Module

Manage Entrance Exams

The Exams Module includes management of entrance exams, room allocation, SEN requirements, interviews and awards, including bulk bookings and mail outs.

  • Entrance Exams, including room allocations
  • Manage awards

Every implementation is different and with our expert staff, we can tailor the Metis Database to your needs and to meet your goals. You will also receive training and support from highly experienced staff members who have worked in admissions.

Metis Dashboard

The Metis Dashboard is an intelligent cloud-based dashboard that offers unparalleled access to live data streams. This gives you the most powerful overview of recruitment, conversion and processing KPIs to support your future strategies and marketing decisions. Built with, and endorsed by data experts MTM, this is a unique product developed for Independent schools.

What Does it Do?

View the Data

Clear Visual Access to Your Data

See your own data in easy to read charts and graphs and understand key metrics for your decisions making.

  • Your data presented like never before
  • Make decisions based on key metrics and KPI’s
Compare Year on Year

Analyse Key Metrics and Performance

Year on year comparisons based on numbers of enquiries, registrations and visits through to conversion of offers made and accepted with drill down to identify activities completed month by month.

  • See how activities are affecting recruitment and retention
  • Compare Year on Year
  • Drill down into key KPIs and Improve performance
Additional Insight

Key Recruitment Locations and Family Types

Clear visuals based on enquiry postcode centred around the school location and analysis of family types, including MTM’s ‘Supergroup’ status.

  • Mapped enquiries and acceptances
  • Additional data points to understand family types
  • Maximise Marketing spend based on key metrics
Partner Success

Analyse true partner success metrics

Drill down analysis of enquiry sources, feeder school and agent performance.

  • Track enquiry sources
  • Assess feeder school and agent success